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5-Minute Crafts for keeping children entertained at home

Guest post from 5-Minute Crafts

5-minute crafts

Families across the UK are spending more time together than ever, with parents balancing schooling and entertainment alongside their own work.

The good news is that with thousands of practical and fun activity ideas available, The Soul Publishing’s YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts offers a whole host of ways to keep families entertained all day long. Here are five ideas for keeping children amused while they're home: 

Brilliant art ideas for everyone 



Absolutely beautiful DIYs 


Colourful crafts for boring days at home 


Easy DIY playhouse ideas for your kids 


23 miniature barbie accessories you can DIY

Such a smorgasbord of cinematic how-tos are, if utilised correctly, an invaluable parenting aid – an excellent way to keep even the most rambunctious gaggle of pre-teens entertained.

How, though, can conscientious mums and dads best utilise such boredom-blasting tools?


Get colourful on grey days

Too often, well-intentioned parents declare war on flexibility, ruling their households by activities listed on the fridge.

Take a step back and give kids autonomy over their own entertainment, paying attention to the directions they choose. See if they choose art or science or maths. Observe whether they prefer doing active things or stationary things. Do they gravitate toward certain spaces? Allow children to shape this free time, and theirs will be an independence born of choice.

This needn’t be overly complicated or expensive either. Look at utilising resources that are already available to you. YouTube is the perfect source for family entertainment. Gloomy grey day out? Brighten up the day with a colourful DIY project. It may start with screen time, but it opens up hours of interactive fun at the dining room table with the family.


Manage your space

Are you getting antsy and need a project for yourself? If you have outdoor space, you could try the DIY playhouse project. Set it up in the wide-open expanses of a leafy green garden and get the kids to come out and help you. With total space limited, it is easy for children to feel stifled, in turn leading to poor spirits.  

Should they be a child of more insular tendencies, a quieter spot may be of use – a place in which their inner machinations won’t be disturbed. Create a cardboard cut-out space rocket! It’s easier than you think. Give them activities – small paintings, readings, isolated experiments – that can be completed in solitude, that suit the spaces they themselves gravitate towards.

Apply the same logic to any child. Engineer their entertainment environments so they are afforded the room to move in spheres that support their learning.


Mix it up

Avoid sticking to tried and tested methods. Videos such as those listed here are perfect in their boundless variety, with thousands of different play activities listed across the board. Use such tools to your advantage, and boredom shall be a thing of the past.

Parents are flocking to such entertainment resources right now, keen to keep their restless offspring in check. As more individuals are finding themselves stuck at home searching for entertainment options, we’re seeing our content’s viewership figures clearly increase. In a normal month, TheSoul Publishing will see a spike of views at the weekend and then level out during the week. Right now, as viewers gravitate towards our light and positive content, we’re seeing weekend numbers every day of the week.

The value of such videos, then, is clear. Make sure to check out our 5-Minute Crafts for some fresh ideas of how to keep your kids entertained and engaged during the lockdown and beyond.