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Crafty Ideas from Fruit Bowl


Running out of crafty ideas to help entertain the children?

UK based children’s snack company, Fruit Bowl have lots of activities to keep you, and the kids occupied. From making your own pair of magical binoculars to paper plate hippos, there’s a whole range of activities for all levels of children's craft ability found on the Crafty Corner page of the Fruit Bowl website.

If you’ve got empty egg boxes hanging around, start with Egg Box Todd the Turtle – bringing cardboard to life! Alongside the egg box, you’ll need card and paint, pompoms, googly eyes and PVA glue – Todd likes green, although any colour will work. If you're feeling adventurous, why not make a home for your turtles out of a shoebox too!

Or have a go at making a family of Cone Giraffes! You’ll ideally need yellow and brown card, PVA glue, Sellotape and a black pen. A quick activity to enjoy with the children – have a go at quizzing each other on what sound a giraffe makes.

Egg Box Todd The Turtle

Total time: 30 minutes.
You will need:

o Empty egg tray
o Green card
o Green paint
o Coloured paints and/or glitter glue
o Green pompoms
o Googly eyes
o PVA glue


1. Cut the egg tray into individual shells, making sure you keep some of the flat rim attached so it can stick to the card
2. Place a shell on the green card and around it draw the outline of the turtles fins, tail and a small area to stick the head onto
3. Paint the shell and leave to dry
4. While the shell is drying, cut out the turtles body from the card
5. Once the shell is dry, stick onto the body
6. Using colourful paints and/or glitter glue, create a pattern onto the shell
7. Now stick the pompom onto the card reserved for the head
8. Finally, stick the googly eyes onto the pompom
9. Repeat using different colours of card and paint!

Cone Giraffes

Total time: 10 minutes.
You will need:

o Yellow card
o Brown card or paper
o Double sided sticky tape or PVA glue
o Sellotape
o Black pen


1. Take the yellow card and roll from one corner to create a cone
2. Tape to secure
3. If the wide end of the cone is uneven, carefully cut it straight so it is able to stand up
4. Take the brown paper/card and cut small squares to make the giraffe's pattern
5. Stick the squares all over the cone leaving space between them
6. Take another piece of yellow card and draw a giraffes face using the black pen
7. Cut out the face and stick it on the top of the cone using glue or double sided sticky tape
8. Try making a giraffe family using different sized yellow card!

By Fruit Bowl