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Little Kickers Football (Ages 18m - 7 Years)

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We run both Pre-school and Primary imaginative football classes across 4 different age groups (1.5 - 2.5¦ 2.5 - 3.5¦3.5 - 5¦5 - 7) assisting children in keeping active and learning a variety of skills from Balance and Co-ordination to Colours and Numbers, Listening and Watching, Kicking and Catching amongst others.

We run our sessions in Taunton, Somerset, but due to the Coronavirus. have started LIVE streams of our sessions. They are already very popular and are appealing to a new audience.

I would never have thought it possible to transform what we do inside a sports hall with lots of equipment, to in front of your own TV with no equipment, so to speak. BUT IT'S WORKING and growing every week :-)

We tell a story throughout to keep the engagement high and the video below is (currently) our only live stream recording, themed around a farm. The balls become eggs, and we pretend to be various animals, and farmers and play games which can be played solely by the child and others which require parental involvement.

Currently, as people don't have all the equipment at home, as the coach does, we are using normal household objects. Chairs for goals, Ikea plastic plates as cones etc, etc.. BUT we are also running CRAFT SESSIONS during the week, where you learn to make your own equipment for the following weekend :-)

You really need to see it to experience it!

A review from one mum said the following:
"We are Rugby Tots parents usually and I would have never thought we could play football in our lounge but the little kicks actually worked! My Dad has also been trying to teach James to control the ball for months and he doesn't really manage it, but today he actually did squash the ball! Your methods and style of teaching are very clever, engaging and also effective! Thank you and look forward to the next one."

To see the first live stream follow this link to facebook (and fast forward about 10 mins as i waffle on about it being our first live etc, at the beginning)  

Our CRAFT Sessions are here

And our Lockdown LIVE football group is




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