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Piccolos Music Club - Free Youtube Videos

I've set this page up to try and keep your kids entertained during these unprecedented times. I plan to create videos featuring songs, stories and activities that feature at Piccolos sessions. The videos will appear on this page or you can access on the Piccolos Music Club YouTube channel.

All the online content is free however you can choose to help me fund these videos in order to make more and more with a one off, weekly or monthly payments. Obviously with the massive drop in revenue from my weekly classes this is damage limitation for me but also provides me with a good opportunity to provide Piccolo content for your children on your phone, tablet, laptop or tv. I'm sure many of you are in a similar financial situation to myself and there is no obligation to pay but if you feel you can put a few pounds in the online Piccolo tin i would really appreciate it and it will help to generate more content.



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