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Wordle Durdle Ding Dong - Bedtime Stories with Puppets

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Wordle Durdle Ding Dong is currently broadcasting live on Facebook with bedtime stories read by a range of funny and irreverent puppet characters. The shows are aimed at 5-9 year olds, but are designed to be fun for adults to watch too.

The stories range from Dr Seuss to David Walliams, but also give an important platform to new unpublished children’s writers to have their stories performed to a brand new audience.

Wordle Durdle Ding Dong is the brainchild of Jason Linney, an educational specialist, Guy Moore, an advertising creative director and Julian Hanford, a photographer and filmmaker.

The show’s characters include Lord Purr-Purr, an aristocratic cat, Monty the Showbiz Dragon, Miss Mimi Thing, a selfie-obsessed social media fan, Archie, an inquisitive and cheeky armadillo, Robin W. Nestliner, self-appointed newsreader extraordinaire, and Fuzzy Bob, a crazy alien who loves broccoli.

By broadcasting live directly into their homes on Facebook, children can have an unprecedented level of interactive contact with the characters.




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